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Into the West by San Juan Writers

Unintended Consequences by Vicky Ramakka (Humor)—When rebel turkeys terrorize loggers and hikers, the wildlife department goes all out to find a solution.

A Spiritual Rebirth by Anthony Bartley (Speculative Fiction)—David returns to the homestead to find his newborn daughter dead, his wife on the edge of madness, and faces mounting terror when ghostly baby sounds begin.

Bad Times for the Pecos Kid by Lee Pierce (Western Humor)—The Pecos Kid throws down on a notorious gunman with an unforeseen outcome.

A Day in the life of Maryanne Winslow by Roberta Summers (Western)—Finding her family slaughtered, Maryanne Winslow seeks vengeance by pursuing the murderers.

Ellie’s Plight by Gloria O’Shields (Christmas Story)—Eleven-year-old Ellie Fisher is taunted by her younger brother when she accidently breaks all the family dishes, but the boy is in for an unexpected comeuppance.

The Last Ride by Traci HalesVass (Contemporary Western)—An aging horsewoman rides into the mountains before packing up her home.

 Keeps the Bear Woman by Linda Fredericks (Magical Realism)—Layla Little Bear meets a Crow Indian man in Billings and realizes she must make a choice; remain a bear dreamer or continue to relive the legend of “Keeps the Bear Woman.”

Claude Stockard’s Dilemma by Lee Pierce (Western)—Professional killer Lonnie Youngblood rides into a small New Mexico town planning on resting, but a violent bank robbery changes his plans.

 Black Market Meat by Roberta Summers (Crime)—During the Great Depression sheep rancher Grant Jorgensen suspects black market meat is from his missing sheep and searches for the rustlers.

The Cattlemen’s Gavel by Gloria O’Shields (Mystery)—Margie purchases an antique presentation gavel and becomes obsessed with discovering the full story of the original owner.

La Marcha de los Muertos by Anthony Bartley (Paranormal)—When a couple stumbles upon a strange village, things take an eerie turn once the townspeople begin displaying human bones.

Naomi, Buddy and Me by Linda Fredericks (Contemporary Native American)—Gabriel LeBeau viewed life with Naomi and their dog Buddy as destiny until twists of fate created an epiphany.

The Blizzard by Traci HalesVass (Contemporary Fiction)—A car crash on a snowy eve changes the lives of a young couple forever.

Small Ends by E. Cluff Elliott (Paranormal)—When giant owls appear a father and daughter struggle to understand the difference between reality and the paranormal.

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