Writing Samples and Short Stories

This story was published in Christina Sng’s June 24-30 2004 edition of Macabre. I also stumbled across the following review from the Alibi ezine:

“According to his bio, Anthony Bartley’s grandfather was a mortician. A middle school teacher himself, Bartley may well wish he had followed in the old fellow’s footsteps. He penned the toe-curling yarn “Anatomy Lesson.” Not for the squeamish, but an unarguably well-crafted and powerful short piece.”

Without further ado, here is “Anatomy Lesson.”

My story “Treasure” is my second example of flash fiction. Published in the now defunct AlienSkin Ezine (Learn more here), “Treasure” is a silly take on aliens and juvenile humor. It was published very early on in my writing attempts, so it could likely use a good dose of editing. Nevertheless, it shows where I was at in my early endeavors. Please enjoy!