The Beauty of Being Different (Part 1)

In this modern world, beauty has developed very confined parameters.  Most often it is seen on the covers of magazines or on the view screen of television and theaters.  Yet, I find beauty in diversity.  Sure, I won’t turn away and gag at the sight of scantily clad Victoria Secrets model, but after seeing it so often, it can almost become mundane.  Below, I have chosen several individuals who, I believe, have a nontraditional beauty.  These again relate to the novel I am writing, so be prepared.


The wonderful Schlitze with Tod Browning’s Freaks (1932) star Wallace Ford.  I love how happy Schlitze looks in all his photos.  He is the inspiration for my character Beep the Pinheadded Ballerina.


One of the great names in sideshow history, Jo-Jo the Dog-faced Boy.  His face has become the model of werewolves and Wookies.  What a great face for shampoo and conditioner commercials!


These were some of the inspirations for my little people family, the Lepozzi family (stage named the Leprechauns), in my novel.  Here are Count  Phillipe and Countess Nicol with their son Phillipe, Jr.  Unrelated to the counts is Princess Lorena.


The incredible Annie Jones, who was an inspiration for my bearded woman, Harriet. Another candidate for the shampoo and conditioner commercial!

This is part one of my entry.  Stay tuned for the next section!

Thanks for reading,

NM Tony

Schlitze photo:

The others:

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