Here We Go…

A strange feeling comes upon one who is about to enter the blogging world and being willing to share personal information to strangers and friends alike.  There is a sense of self-importance that I will be “out there” with so many other great bloggers, yet a pessimism settles in when realizing that it will be luck, time, and creativity that will make this blog into something that people will want to read.  Nevertheless, I’m wading out into the savannah grass like our pro to-human relatives to see what lay within this vast veldt.

I’ve come to realize that, as I sit here typing, this first post is quite difficult.  This could potentially set the tone of the blog and I want to make a good impression.  What does my little monkey brain need to do now that it has taken the first steps into this personal hinterland?  How does one capture attention?  How can I make this engaging?  How will it be beneficial?  Why do I even want to do this? And, can I honestly make a difference?  Or will saber-toothed apathy and red-clawed frustration hunt down poor little australopithecine me into extinction?  Maybe he will evolve into a viral omnivore bent on world domination.

So, what is the purpose of this blog?  Thanks for asking.  First of all, I am a teacher.  Have been for 16 years (holy crap!). I may have some experience, and I work with middle schoolers, which I actually enjoy (your turn: holy crap!).  I taught English for 13 years and am currently teaching American History to 8th graders (holy…yeah you get it).  I am also an adjunct college instructor working with beginning writers who have been either out of school for a number of years or just need a little extra help to improve their writing.  As a result, I would like to use this blog to relay some lesson plans that have worked, problems I have faced, and provide resources that may be helpful.  The proverbial tools in the caveman’s belt.

Secondly, I am in the process of writing a novel.  I started it last summer (2013) and nearly finished it.  Then the boa constrictor that is school (i.e. work) squeezed away all my time ( I also have a family who say they like me, so I reciprocate.)  As a result, I’ve done very little writing from August ’13 to May ’14.  To use middle school vernacular, it sucks!  To use a Neil Shubin-ism, the monkey inside me is screaming be let out of his cage and explore.  Therefore, perhaps this blog can not only give me an opportunity to stretch and exercise my atrophied writing muscles, but also allow me to share what I have written and what I have I learned. I am coming to find out that there is a lot to this writing thing if I want to make any sort of money off it, not to mention the struggles in just trying to get a word on a page.

Finally, I am a learning individual and have come across both exciting and shocking information as I go about my learning duties like a bee flits from one brightly colored flower to another.   Some of those flowers have the sweet nectar that I expect, while others have a praying mantis that scares the hell out of me.  Some information may not be fun, but it can be enlightening.

So, there you have it.  NMTony’s first blog post.  Now that I’ve bloviated and excreted my verbal diarrhea all over, I make an end of my words with that pleasant image.

Thanks for reading,


P.S.  Want to know who Neil Shubin is, check out the following because he is a really cool guy:

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